Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Back, DUDES!

What's up everyone, it's A-Rod! Welcome to my A-Blog!!!

I stopped blogging for a while after my horrible time in Japan back in '08. Sorry for that. Bet you guys were wondering what the hell I'd been up to! But I'm back now, and it's going to be pretty sweet.

To start with, I put up all the old posts. You can read those by clicking or just scrolling. My buddy Gourou, who advises me on this blog and who saved me from pirates in Japan, also taught me how to post pictures now. Check it!

That was supposed to be a running puppy. Hopefully it worked. All it shows here is a lot of computer code. But Gourou says that's how it works. I trust him, because when I first tried to post it, I got tape and glue all over my screen and had to buy a new monitor. This new one is sweet, though. Totally glare free, so my eyes stay strong for hitting.

I'll be back next week to start posting some sweet stories and ideas. The year has been awesome so far, especially because Melky Cabrera is traded. Having him out of town has made life a lot better. I'm even getting pretty close with a new Yankee, Randy Winn. We're almost best friends. But don't tell him that, because whenever I tell people they're my best friend, it jinxes it.

Talk to you guys later.

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